The Batman has gone full noir

The Batman is a noir film, full of gritty textured scenes with low lighting and shadows throughout most every scene. The city, meant to be a character in and of itself, appears dirty and neglected. It’s ugly and seems to reflect the actions of the failed politicians, the crime syndicate and the ineffective police force […]

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It’s time for Billy

Stephen King’s Billy Summers novel is a lesson in patience and determination. It’s a slow burn even though it clocks in at 514 pages, and there were times I wanted to move on to something else. Then again, I’ve had insomnia and other sleeping issues of late, so maybe it was just the fatigue talking. […]

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Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files:

                        First of all, I love Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files. I’ve read every single one, and while they all have their strengths and weaknesses, I think this, his latest edition, maybe my new favorite. It’s got demons, titans, the Fae, Vikings, Fomor, it’s got everything. I swear, by the time I got toward […]

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From Video Games to Movies it’s

Due to COVID19   outbreak, I’ve delayed putting up this blog. It’s a scary time for us all, so I present you with a bit of pop culture fluff as a pleasant distraction for you all. God bless and take care. Let’s come together as a community and support one another as best we can.             […]

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Robby The Robot Can’t Fix This

            I’m a fool. After all, I just went on a twenty minute trip to Walmart, because I saw a Robby the Robot toy that spoke with actual recorded dialogue from the movie, Forbidden Planet, from whence Robby came from, as well as some of the haunting musical score. I saw it on Facebook on […]

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Mandalorian Madness

The Mandalorian came out November twelfth with more buzz especially during the last three months than the Fall of Skywalker, I mean the Rise of Skywalker has had for the past year. While it doesn’t erase the debacle of Disney Star Wars that is the soon to be a complete trilogy, and Hang Solo, I […]

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Stephen is Still the King

The Institute by Stephen King I’ve been a fan of Stephen King since 1993. A good friend of mine, Dave Schaefer was a huge fan of his and when we met back in 1988, he couldn’t say enough about how good a writer King was, and how I’ve got to give his books a try. […]

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